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Women and Active Eco-citizenship in Europe aims at promoting the participation of women in the development of Environmental local policies. The project gives opportunities to “active eco-women” to show and disseminate their experience through seminaries, portraits and video films that they produce themselves. Living without medical/health insurance leaves individuals and families in danger of health insurance and financial hardships. High insurance costs and loss of jobs are two major reasons that lots of people go without medical insurance. Uninsured people may have options with regards to covering healthcare costs. Avoiding medical care can bring about more dangerous health issues, so explore all of your current options to make sure you obtain the medical care you want. Surgical procedure have a high asking price. A good basic office visit is costly for those who have a small income. Should you be paying in cash as you don't have medical insurance, ask the billing department should they will lower the price. Negotiating on the healthcare costs could help you save lots of money on the total. Federally-funded health clinics present an alternative for all those not insured who can't afford to fund treatments. The clinics are offered across the nation, supplying you with use of medical care. You spend a fee according to your earnings to have an affordable medical care option. The clinics provide preventative care, maternity care, immunizations and treatment for illnesses.

Prize for Women Innovators 2014 - 02 July 2013

The European Commission wants to encourage women to undertake innovative projects and to establish their own businesses. In 2014 three Prizes for Women Innovators will award the innovative and entrepreneurial effort that European women demonstrate through their professional career (grantings ranging from 100,000 to 30,000 EUR).
They are targeted to professional women who have worked on innovation and development projects with a high scientific content, for which they have received EU funds due to the social and economic impact of the results obtained.
The deadline for submission is the 15th of October, 2013.
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Ecowomen in Brussels, at the Université des Femmes - 01 May 2013

On the 16th of May 2013, the Mediterranean Centre of Environment takes part to the worshop « Les ELLES vertes – Femmes et défis écologiques » ("Women and Ecological Challenges")
The Université des Femmes, together with Amazone and Le Monde selon les Femmes propose to study all together the links between the Ecological and Feminist Movements and the way women are facing the present ecological chalenges.
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Eco-women on the 8th Ecological Films Festival in Athens, 6 April 2011 - 29 March 2011

The video auto-portraits of women acting locally for the environment that have been produced during the project will be presented during the Ecological Films Festival 2011, “Windows on the Planet”, organised by the Hellenic Society of Environment and Culture.
6 April 2011, 6:30 p.m, at the Hellenic Society - Tripodon Str 28 - Athens

19 NOV 2010: NEXT ECO-WOMEN FORUM! - 10 October 2010

The Mediterranean Centre of Environment organizes, with the support of the District of Vaucluse, a Forum in Vaucluse to present the results of the program Eco-Women and to debate on the present situation of the participation of women into the development of environmental local policies. This Forum will take place in Pernes-les-Fontaines (Vaucluse, France) on the 19th Nov. 2010.

FINAL EVENT – SOFIA 19-20 JUNE 2009 - 07 May 2009

Discovering experiences through the results of the project
Sharing your experience with the eco-women of the project
Developping your network and your own projects

Workshops on video making: expressing and transferring experiencesWorkshops on video making: expressing and transferring experiences - 27 March 2009

Workshops on video making are organised in the 4 countries of the project during 2009. In May, the workshops will take place in Bulgaria and Czech Republic.

Watch a video from the workshop in France, Saumane March 2009

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First workshop: eco-women in AthensFirst workshop: eco-women in Athens - 27 March 2009

Watch a video from the workshop in Athens (February 2009-Greece)

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You may join the project! - 20 November 2008

You are a woman acting for environment in an NGO or in a local authority?  The project  offers you a unique opportunity to talk with real images about your active participation in the enhancement of our environment.


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A project developed in the framework of the European programme EUROPE FOR CITIZEN